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Sponsor a water well.  Save lives!

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How it works.

There are many reasons individuals, families and businesses are sponsoring a borehole.  Celebrating a birth, remembering a loved one in passing. Just the pure joy of providing clean water for an entire community! Your gift of $15,000 will provide one borehole (water well) for a village in South Sudan

When we complete your well, we will provide for you the name of the community, the GPS location, and photos of the finished well with a custom banner printed per your request.  

If multiple people are contributing funds we will work with you to ensure that the donations are credited to your well project.  It's that easy.  To get started, fill out the contact information below so we can be in touch.  

Funds can be sent by check, credit card, PayPal or we can arrange an ACH transfer from your bank account to ours.

Sponsor a water well

Want to see what celebrating water looks and sounds like?  This video was filmed in Dhornon after we completed a new well.  Join the celebration with a sponsored borehole. Contact us today.  
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