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Why water?

South Sudan is in the midst

of a water crisis.


There are few clean water sources and people are getting sick from water-borne illnesses.

Children are especially vulnerable, particularly to diarrheal diseases.


Almost 90% of diarrheal deaths in children are due to a lack of clean water and sanitation.

Despite the lack of available clean water, much of South Sudan is sitting on top of an 

almost unlimited supply of safe water.


The problem? It's about 120 ft. 

below ground, and they just need some help accessing it.

That's where we come in!

We are also implementing sanitation and hygiene projects including construction of pit latrines and hand-washing stations. Along with clean water, these projects can save thousands of lives each year.

Since 2008, AHPSS has been drilling water wells in Fangak County, including in communities that have NEVER had clean water before. The effect is transformative. One water well can provide a lifetime of clean water to thousands of people.

By using portable drill rigs, smart logistics, and a team of locals led by our expert drillers and geologists, we are having success where few other organizations have ventured.

Sustainability is vital. Our training program is teaching locals to drill and repair water wells. This approach will ensure the sustainability of clean water in South Sudan for decades to come. Our team of apprentices are gaining vital skills.  Soon they will be able to drill their own wells and train others!

Give the gift of clean water today!

the results

To date, we have drilled 44 wells in Old Fangak & surrounding villages, bringing clean water to over 
100,000 people. Some of these communities gained access to safe water for the first time.

Through the support of individual donors, businesses and foundations we are saving lives in South Sudan. 
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